1 mars 2015


"You will all be milked on a regular basis--six times daily in fact, and all your cum will be reserved for processing. All you boys need to do is stay healthy, sleep and eat well, and enjoy yourselves....." 
Source : http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/rural/cum-farm/cum-farm-2




IT'S A DELICIOUS FANTASY that i would live in the reality !!! it's a natural pulsion for a male to pump out his sperm daily, and THE MILKING TECHNIQUE i thinK is daily, and THE MILKING TECHNIQUE i think IS THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE SEXUAL TENSION, IT'S A SEXUAL ENJOYMENT!!!! Ideally the milking must be done gently and slowly to allow the guy to go slow slow to the point of no return and orgasm,to allow him have the time to full his balls and then shoot his load until he is totally drained and empted!!! 

MILKING MUST BE DONE DAILY AND OFTEN, also because it prevents cancer of prostate and when you have done you feel a rush of adrenaline due to the orgasm and you feel in paradise,i live near a farm where there are some cows and i had many times this fantasy about be milked by another male guy and then i milk him!!!! : wave :

The perfect position for milking bulls.  

28 févr. 2015


Toilet paper roll penis size test (2)

- Is it true if you can fit into a toilet paper roll your girth is small?
- Yes, it's

voilà une keu qui entre pas dans le tube

Bon, voilà, si le test est pas bon, et si tu entres facilement dans le tube, tu peux avoir recours aux "penis extenders", il y a un paquet de modèles à essayer pour la plus grande satisfaction des anus que tu vas visiter.

Have any of you tried penis sleeve girth extenders?

https://www.pegym.com/articles/penis-measuring-you-dont-want-to-skip-it http://forums.prowrestling.com/showthread.php?t=105668
http://www.toiletpaperrolltest.com/ https://www.thundersplace.org/penis-enlargement/girth-test-toilet-paper-roll.html
et voilà une bite épaisse...


Poll : does your dick fit into a toilet paper roll ? (1)

My penis is a bit over 6,5 inches and I tested my girth by doing the toilet paper roll test. Only the head of my penis fits but the rest doesn't go in.

Pour s'amuser un peu, une petite expérience amusante : introduire son sexe en érection dans un rouleau de papier w-c et en comparer les longueur et largeur respectives... Note : à titre informatif, un rouleau de papier w-c fait 9,7 cm de long sur 4,5 cm de diamètre (soit 14,1 cm de circonférence) - MAIS, ATTENTION, POUR FAIRE LE JEU "SERIEUSEMENT", FAUT VRAIMENT LE FAIRE AVEC LE ROULEAU !

Des sondages : 

Girth vs. Toilet Paper Roll Test 
"Hi Guys, I was looking at the thread “Can you fit inside a toilet paper roll girth-wise” and I noticed that most of the poll users say that they can’t fit inside a toilet paper roll. The average penile girth it seems is between 4.5 and 5 inches, and the average circumference of the toilet paper measuring inside is a bit more than 5 inches, it seems. So… my question is: Does it not seem odd that a majority of people cannot fit inside a toilet paper roll when most of the penile girths run between 4.5 and 5inches? Or… am I missing something? 

There is some variation in the diameters of toilet paper rolls. The thickness of the cardboard also varies a bit so that sometimes there is a bigger difference between the inside and outside diameters. Most of the ones I have seen and measured in the US have an outside circumference of 5.5” and an inside circumference of 5.25-5.3” but some are a tad larger. I am told those in the UK are typically significantly larger. 
So yes, most (more than half) of guys should be able to fit at least partway in, if not all the way in. But probably those who can’t are going to be the ones most likely to vote on a poll like this one, and to announce the fact, no?"
Conclusion : le test du rouleau permet de classer ta bite dans la catégorie épaisse ou pas .....

Who want to sit down on Antony’s dick ?

27 févr. 2015


Intéressante émission au PJ hier, Yann BARTHES fait une présentation humoristique de VLADI-MIR POUTINE, bon c'est un peu simpliste et il faudrait tenir compte de la culture Russe. Mais on apprend les idées de Vladimir sur les homos, c'est inquiétant pour les gays du pays....


Spéciale Poutine - Le Petit Journal du 26/02

Et pendant ce temps là, j'ai milké le beau Yann en direct du plateau du PJ : 


Cette video est à l'origine de l'expression "en avoir plein le cul".